For Parents

Welcome to McKibben and Monte’s Parental Education Hub. We are committed to helping your child reach their full potential and become ‘Kindergarten Ready.’ Explore our comprehensive resources designed to guide parents through major developmental milestones for speech and occupational therapy across various age groups. Early intervention is key to ensuring your child’s success, and our educational materials are here to support you on this journey.

Major Milestones / Indicators

At McKibben and Monte, we understand that every child’s journey is unique. Our parental education materials provide a clear roadmap for monitoring your child’s development. By familiarizing yourself with the major milestones and indicators for each age range, you can identify any potential areas where your child might benefit from our expert speech and occupational therapy services. Early intervention can make a significant difference in your child’s readiness for Kindergarten, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.