Expanding Horizons: Food Repertoires and Customized Diets with McKibben & Monte

Empowering Children to Develop Healthy Habits for Kindergarten and Beyond

At McKibben & Monte, we understand the importance of early intervention in preparing children to be “Kindergarten Ready.” Our in-school dietetics services focus on nurturing healthy eating habits, ensuring that children have the nutritional foundation they need to excel academically and thrive in school. We offer a comprehensive range of services to address a wide spectrum of dietary needs.

Our In-School Dietetics Services

  • Food Repertoires and Diets: Our dietitians work with children to expand their food repertoires and create customized diets that promote optimal nutrition, setting the stage for success in kindergarten and beyond.
  • Nutritional Assessments: We conduct thorough nutritional assessments to ensure that children receive the essential nutrients they need for growth, development, and readiness for kindergarten.
  • Picky Eaters: Our specialized support for picky eaters helps children explore a wider variety of foods, fostering healthy eating habits that will serve them well in kindergarten.

Why Choose McKibben & Monte?

  • Early Intervention Focus: We believe that early intervention in dietetics is crucial for ensuring that children are “Kindergarten Ready” in terms of their nutritional health.
  • Expertise: Our dietitians are highly trained in pediatric nutrition and dietetics. They are dedicated to empowering children with the knowledge and habits they need for kindergarten success.
  • Individualized Plans: We create customized dietary plans tailored to each child’s specific needs and developmental stage, recognizing that readiness for kindergarten begins with good nutrition.
  • In-School Convenience: Our services are provided directly within the school setting, ensuring that dietary interventions seamlessly integrate into a child’s daily routine as they prepare for kindergarten.
  • Collaboration: We work closely with parents, caregivers, and educators to ensure that dietary interventions align with each child’s overall development and readiness for kindergarten.

Building Healthy Foundations for Kindergarten

At McKibben & Monte, we believe that building healthy eating habits is a crucial part of being “Kindergarten Ready.” Our in-school dietetics services are designed to empower children to develop strong nutritional foundations, preparing them for success academically and socially in kindergarten and beyond.

McKibben & Monte – Where Early Intervention Leads to Kindergarten Readiness