The McKibben & Monte team focuses on comprehensive early childhood intervention evaluation and treatment, because EARLY INTERVENTION = KINDERGARTEN READY.

Research shows that well-developed speech, language, emotional, and occupational skills significantly impact a child’s ability to become a competent reader, writer, and student. At McKibben & Monte, our early intervention programs focus on addressing needs of the whole child, including:

  • Speech and language development
  • Social and emotional regulation
  • Behavior modification
  • Fine motor skills
  • Feeding skills

Having competence in these areas is key to building confidence in children ages 2 ½ – 5, and ensuring they are “kindergarten ready.”

As speech-language pathologists with over 50 years of combined experience – and working parents themselves – Cindy McKibben and Jenny Monte recognize the importance of effectively balancing work and family life. Collaborating with top tier daycares and preschools in the major Ohio markets, in Northern Kentucky, and in Tampa, Florida, McKibben & Monte’s team provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment during the school day, bringing peace of mind to parents and preserving valuable family time after work hours.

Our teams specialize in the following areas: