Image of a young girl receiving speech therapy in school by the McKibben & Monte team. The young girl and her therapist are practicing "O" sounds.

Precision in Speech: Articulation Disorder Therapy with McKibben & Monte

Helping Children Articulate their Best Selves

It can be pretty adorable when we hear toddlers and preschoolers with their little voices trying to use and sound out big – and sometimes even small – words correctly. Think about the sheer volume of words in any language. That’s a lot for someone so small to learn – and then to say those words correctly on top of that – it can be a big feat! While hearing those funny and precious pronunciations as children learn to speak, an articulation disorder needs to be treated if it seems a child’s speech is not getting better as they age. At McKibben & Monte, we understand the importance of clear and confident speech. Articulation disorders can present unique challenges, but with expert guidance and support, children can master the art of effective communication.

Understanding Articulation Disorders

An articulation disorder refers to difficulties in pronouncing sounds or words correctly and the inability to say certain speech sounds correctly beyond the age of expectation. Speech sounds may be substituted, distorted, added or dropped. For instance, the letters R, L and S are harder than letters such as P, B and M. Some children substitute a TH where an S should be (for example, saying THICK instead of SICK), or a W where an R should be (WED instead of RED). These challenges can affect a child’s ability to be understood and may impact their self-esteem. However, there is hope and help available.

Our Approach

McKibben & Monte’s speech-language pathologists will test your child and come up with a personalized treatment plan that best suits your child’s needs. Our team will work with your child to:

  • Identify which sounds they cannot make
  • Correct the way they create the sounds
  • Re-learn the motor control parts of speech (how they move their tongue and lips)
  • Strengthen the muscles used in speech
  • Practice sounds in different words

Practicing with flash cards and reading at home are also good ways to help your child be successful in treating their articulation disorder.

At McKibben & Monte, we specialize in providing in-school speech therapy services to children in various Ohio areas – including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Perrysburg, and YoungstownNorthern Kentucky, and Tampa, Florida. Our team of certified speech therapists is dedicated to helping children overcome articulation disorders. 

Why Choose McKibben & Monte?

  • Expertise: Our therapists are highly skilled in working with children dealing with articulation disorders. They use evidence-based techniques to improve speech clarity.
  • Personalized Plans: We recognize that each child’s articulation challenges are unique. Our therapy plans are tailored to address their specific needs and goals.
  • In-School Convenience: We bring our services directly to your child’s school, making therapy accessible and hassle-free.
  • Collaboration: We work closely with educators.and parents to create a supportive environment that reinforces speech progress both in school and at home.
  • Results-Driven: Our focus is on helping children articulate with precision and confidence. We track progress and celebrate achievements along the way.

Furthermore, McKibben & Monte partners with numerous preschools and daycares throughout Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Tampa Florida. If you’re interested in having your child evaluated for an articulation disorder, check whether your child’s establishment is on our list and feel free to contact us for further information!

Getting Started

If you suspect that your child may have an articulation disorder or if you’re seeking professional support to enhance their speech clarity, reach out to us today. Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation and design a customized therapy plan to help your child speak with clarity and confidence.

Join Us on the Journey

At McKibben & Monte, we believe that every child deserves to express themselves clearly and confidently. Our articulation disorder therapy services aim to make that a reality. Together, we can help your child articulate their best selves and build the foundation for a lifetime of effective communication.

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