This is an image of a young boy practicing techniques he learned from the McKibben & Monte team to help his speech apraxia.

Helping Children find their voice: Speech Apraxia Therapy with McKibben & Monte

Unlocking Potential, One Word at a Time

At McKibben & Monte, we understand that every child’s journey to finding their voice is unique. Speech apraxia can be a challenging obstacle, but with the right guidance and support, children can make remarkable progress.

About Speech Apraxia

Speech apraxia is a neurological disorder that affects a child’s ability to coordinate the complex movements necessary for clear speech. It can be frustrating for both children and their parents, as the words they want to say often remain trapped. 

As adults, we often take speech for granted. We speak effortlessly and may not even think about it. It’s easy to overlook why a child struggles with something as seemingly natural as speech. However, the truth is that the oral-motor skills required for proper speech are quite complex. This complexity becomes apparent when we observe how long it typically takes for children to develop sophisticated speech and comfortably grasp complex vocabulary.

Imagine speech as akin to learning an intricate ballet routine, where each pirouette, plié, and arabesque must be executed in a precise sequence. It’s less like the repetitive motions of walking or running. Just as you don’t expect a child to dance gracefully without proper practice, it’s essential to understand that speech development follows a similar path. However, there is hope.

Our Approach

As a concerned parent, the most helpful step you can take is to connect with a certified speech therapist. A skilled therapist can create a warm, patient, and supportive environment for your child to overcome their apraxia.

At McKibben & Monte, we specialize in providing in-school speech therapy services to children in various Ohio areas – including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Perrysburg, and YoungstownNorthern Kentucky, and Tampa, Florida. Our team of certified speech therapists is dedicated to helping children overcome speech apraxia. Treating childhood apraxia through speech therapy can be a lengthy and repetitive process, underscoring the importance of finding a therapist you trust.

Why Choose McKibben & Monte?

  • Expertise: Our therapists have extensive experience in working with children with speech apraxia. They stay up-to-date with the latest research and techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Inclusivity: We believe in a personalized approach. Each child is unique, and our therapy plans are tailored to their specific needs, ensuring progress at their own pace.
  • In-School Convenience: We bring our services directly to your child’s school, making therapy more accessible and convenient.
  • Collaboration: We collaborate closely with educators and parents to create a supportive environment that enhances the child’s speech development both in school and at home.
  • Results: Our goal is to help children find their voice and express themselves confidently. We measure progress and celebrate every milestone achieved.

Furthermore, McKibben & Monte partners with numerous preschools and daycares throughout Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Tampa Florida. If you’re interested in having your child evaluated for apraxia, check whether your child’s establishment is on our list and feel free to contact us for further information!

Getting Started

If you suspect that your child may be dealing with speech apraxia or if you’re seeking professional guidance, we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation. Our team will assess your child’s needs and create a customized therapy plan to set them on the path to clearer, more confident speech.

Join Us on the Journey

At McKibben & Monte, we believe that every child has a unique voice that deserves to be heard. Our speech therapy services aim to unlock that potential, one word at a time. Together, we can help your child build the foundation for a lifetime of effective communication.