Image of a young girl receiving speech therapy in school by the McKibben & Monte team. The young girl and her therapist are practicing "O" sounds.

Speech-Language / Occupational Therapy and Dietary Consultation Informal Assessment Registration

Do friends have trouble understanding your child? Does your child have trouble following directions? Is your child a thumb sucker or have chronic congestion? If yes, your child may benefit from a speech/language informal assessment. Does your child have trouble coloring or using scissors? Does your child have trouble using utensils or dressing themselves? If yes, occupational therapy could be needed. If your child has difficulty at mealtimes or with food, or if they struggle with behavioral concerns, behavioral therapy or dietary treatment may prove beneficial.

We encourage early identification and treatment of speech and language delays in the early developing years to ensure our children are on track and have the necessary foundation for reading, academic and social success in kindergarten and beyond. Over the next few weeks, speech pathologists and occupational therapists from McKibben & Monte will be coming into the school to offer speech/language and occupational informal assessments and nutritional evaluation to students.

If your child is 18 months or older and you are interested in having your child informally assessed, please complete the form below. Informal assessment charges are billed on the day of screening.

Assessment Options

Please choose from the following options below for your evaluation request. Choose all that apply.

*Consultations include a follow-up telephone call to discuss results of the assessment and recommendations, individualized education packet with age-appropriate norms and strategies for establishing speech language and literacy skills and/or fine/gross motor skills for kindergarten readiness.


You will receive an emailed invoice with detailed instructions on how you can pay via Credit Card, HSA Card, or Debit Card.

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